Pennews industrial

Pennews Industrial Co., Ltd is subsidiary of TwoWide Enterprise Co., Ltd established since 1982, founded by Ms. Celia Yang.

Our fine reputation on producing writing instuments has gained our worldwide client's confidence and today after 32 years our core value still withstands; innovation and quality. With such defined corporate value and its energy strives for higher achievement and outstanding performance. At pressent we have over 200 employess at our China production facility for writing instruments.

Two Wide has posses extended knowledge on pen construction, production and innovation. Our expertise and ability to facilitate cost effective solution and design for our clients and to meet various promotional activities in the market place has gained many of our prominent client's trust. We take particular pride of our ability to generate new innovative design and we're most conscious with IP, many of our design holds worldwide patents.

At our facility, we conduct 100% in process quality control to ensure reputable business best kept for all parties. We trust our core business values are the best representation of synergy and believe clients' deserve the best and we're in business bacause of it.